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19 years old.

From his Mom: "The benefits of therapeutic horseback riding has been well studied and I certainly would support that research. My son, Evan has improved his gait, balance, and core strength over 15 years of riding. He has improved his articulation from the use of the Alphabet Trail at Eos along with using commands to communicate with his horse. The greatest thing I have found is that it serves for a conduit for Evan's other therapies.

Evan rides on Thursdays and that day he gets himself up for school and dons his clothes without a fuss. He is also more attentive and eager to comply with requests in his classroom. THERE IS NO THERAPY THAT CAN GET THAT KIND OF RESULT FROM HIM.

"At the barn, he is greeted with unconditional love. He also learned to overcome his fear of dogs. The sweet dogs of Eos have allowed him to have positive experiences and ease his fears to a manageable level. His desire to be with his horse has helped him work through this.

"Along with networking with other parents, I am incredibly grateful for the friendships and support we both receive. To hear squeals of gladness com from an otherwise moody teenager is priceless. I have seen firsthand the miracles both in and out of the saddle."

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