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16 years old

Emma is a happy, cheerful, caring and contented teenager. Emma was born a month prematurely and spent the first nine weeks of her life in the hospital. When she was 3 months old, after genetic tests, it was determined she had a rare genetic disorder called CHARGE. Among other things, this affects her hearing, vision, and heart.

When Emma was 2 years old, while she was having physical and occupational therapy, we felt there was more that we could find for her. While in high school , I had volunteered at Eos and immediately thought about getting her into that program.

Her first ride came in August 2009, right before her 3rd birthday. With apprehension to put your child on a horse and allow the instructor and volunteers to have Emma, she fell in love with it. The smile on Emma's face when Beau Pony started to walk was something I will never forget.

Now many years later, she still looks forward to her riding day. She knows the day of the week, the time she rides, and will let us know if we arrive late. She loves riding along with her two riding buddies, Deanna and Melody. They all enjoy interacting with games and conversations.

Emma is supported by many extended family, which not only includes her parents and sister, but grandparents, great-grandparents, and her beloved uncle. We as a family have learned a lot about Eos. Words cannot express how much it means to our family. Seeing Emma walk, talk, mature, make friends and feel like she is no different than any other child because of her involvement with Eos makes this place more important to not just Emma but our WHOLE family. We are proud to be a part of the Eos family.

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