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19 years old.

Our Giddyup boy, has been riding with Eos for over 15 years. When Conner first came through Eos doors, he showed us that he was a natural horse rider. He started on Sugar Pye then Tiny Mite, and now rides Keeper! His session starts with hugs all around and then he tells his pony to "Giddyup" and we are off for a fun-filled adventure. As he practices the alphabet; identifying and spelling colors; counting and steering left and right through the cones; Conner is reinforcing some of the skills he has learned at school.

Conner is learning social skills by inviting his friends to join him at basketball, target and various other games, which are also helping to develop his gross and fine motor skills. With a "giddyup", Conner gets his pony to jog which brings the biggest smile of all. Who knew that someone could receive all these benefits and have so much fun doing it, all on the back of a horse named Keeper of the Stars Kid!

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