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Cindy, in her fifties.

"The Eos program began in June of 1992 and I was one of the original seven riders. The number of riders and the program have really grown since then. When I first started, there was just an outside ring, so when it rained we could not go. Each week since I started there have been changes to the program and me, and it is wonderful. I used to need helpers and volunteers on my side when I rode. It is really great the way the volunteers give up their time to help us. Now I am an independent rider and only need someone to help with the games. The games help stretch our muscles, even though we are not aware of it at the time. Over the years I have ridden several horses including Smooth, Shawnee, Levi, Toby, Keith, Ladd, and Rusty, and now I'm riding Tiny Mite. My balance on the horse has really improved. Playing games, reaching, jogging, etc. have really helped me. "

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